It's Like Comparing Apples And Androids

I haven't done this in awhile, but with the fanboy-ism eeking out of the tech world and into the "lay person" world, I feel like I have to say something. But seriously, why do haters have to hate? I know it's going to happen, and I know that everyone is going to love that sports team, or that vampire or werewolf, or that star trek versus that star war, but when it comes down to hating on tech, it weirds me out. For instance, a mac and a pc do EXACTLY the same thing. It let's you online to go on Facebook, and whatnot. Sure one's more expensive than the other, and sure one has better quality than the other (and I'll leave that up to you), but they are essentially the same thing. They are complex machines that let us look at porn.

It's funny how Apple, Microsoft and Google all have hardcore fans. It used to be just nerds, but it's leaked out onto the casual scene like two bands competing against each other for rock supremacy. I can understand that too, because there are styles in music, and whatnot, but when it comes down to smart phones and laptops, the different UIs are hardly reason to go and bash people online. And I mean, it's BRUTAL. People spew so much acid to those who don't fall on the side of good, whether it be an Android or an iPhone, and it's like a weird, underground, nerd war. Now, I know that some people tease about it, and joke around about it, but there are people out there who take it really seriously.

For instance, the Xbox and Playstation fanfolks are ugly in their hate. On forums, comments on reviews, and sometimes even in the review itself, you see where people lean. Yet if you look at the gaming market now, with so few first party titles for each console, it's really just a "my console is better than yours" pissing match. Here we are back to the pissing matches again. What the hell? Can you play Madden? Then shut up! Why do I only own a PS3? Because I have Bluray movies to play. Does that make it better than Xbox? Hell no, but wow...I couldn't say that anywhere else otherwise I'd get my head chopped off.

Then there's the smart phone debate. Android versus the iPhone is a battle as old as...a few years ago? But people combat each other as if someone bit their thumb at the other person and the generations old Montague and Capulet feud reiginites. My sister recently got the Galaxy SIII, and even the sales rep was asking, as if floored, "Are you sure you want this phone? Why aren't you waiting for the iPhone 5? It's only a month away." What? You're a freaking sales rep, you shouldn't be questioning the purchasing decisions of your customer. Well, maybe he'd get a fat commission for selling the iPhone over other phones, but still. What makes that phone any better than the SIII? I'm not picking sides, I just don't understand WHY I need to pick a side. 

If you're going to hate on something based on personal experience, I'm all for that, so I'm not denouncing all hate. I picked an Android phone over an iPhone because I like the interface and customization you can have with it. As a result, when people ask me which phone is better, I ask then what they want out of it as far as interface goes, because in the end they do exactly the same thing. You can make calls, check Facebook, text, and even watch movies on both. So if they like that controlled environment and have a bunch of Apple stuff, I always tell them to go with the iPhone. If they don't, and they like the control of the Android, I tell them to go with that. It's just that simple. I'm not picking sides because one is Apple and one is Google. Probably why people actually come to me for tech advice. I decide on specs, not on name.

And that DOESN'T make me better than anyone, just different. If your only reason for picking a Playstation is because it's Sony, then more power to you. But may I make a slight suggestion. Know what the hell you're talking about. At least know WHY something is better than the other, other than the name or because someone told you. Learn at least one specification that makes you feel something is better than the other. Wow, okay, I'm done. Tech ranting is such a niche thing to do, but as a tech lover who rarely waves his flag, I needed to get this off my chest. So, can anyone tell me, what makes Starbucks better than other coffee shops? I really don't know. Thank you.