Geek Love Radio Ep. 100!!!

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This week it's the big 100th episode, where things don't go quite as planned. With scheduling conflicts and technology not quite agreeing with us, Dave the Drummer, Dani the Universe and Francis the Other Guy do their best with the voicemails we have on hand and more advice than we can shake a stick at. We even start the show off the rails. It's chaos, it's fun, and it's informative and these are the topics we have this week.

We start off with a voicemail from Kristen about your significant other's parents. Second voicemail - we go for people who are not the best for us. Why don't we go for the person who is "good" for us? We continue on with attraction to those who don't have much to offer and how some people lack the ability to self reflect. We talk about making a list of things we can't live without in a significant other and things we can negotiate. We also touch on the difficulty of finding a relationship and being a vulture after a woman breaks up with someone. We ask the quesiton "Where do you think this is going?" We talk about friends become relationships and Francis the other guy talks about his days being "alpha". And there's a Contest! Will people ACTUALLY join in?!?! We'll find out. Its all that and more, this week on GLR's BIG 100th EPISODE.

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