Curiosity Lands On Mars: Both Figuratively & Literally

Well, history happened. I was going to be asleep at this time, but decided to stay awake for this event. A big deal apparently. Who woulda thunk that science would be this loudly and openly celebrated. It's like the first steps towards truly exploring space, the final frontier. And Twitter was a flutter, pun intended, with images and talk of what a great achievement this is, and I have to admit, this is an amazing happening. Then one guy, with a mohawk, became one of the most popular people on Twitter and on the internet. Who knew how powerful hair could be.

Then there is the first image of Mars. There isn't much to see yet as all they did was land the rover, which is a HUGE accomplishment, but apparently in the upcoming weeks there will be much to be explored, many images to retrieve, and science to be done. So here's the first image, which is still pretty cool. I hope people will continue to be interested after this landing. I hope people will still keep track of more than just mohawk guy and actually be interested and fascinated by what NASA finds on Mars, and well...we have a short attention span and cute people are cute, and yep. Good times.

NASA website: Mars Science Lab: