Ah-Lazy Alonzo!

There are people out there who work their ass off to get things done. They will go the extra mile to get what they want, and they will push themselves, while sacrificing the things that they love but don't need, to succeed. I'm surrounded by people like that, who forgo the simple pleasures so that they can get ahead. Some make it, some don't, c'est la vie, but...maybe it's because the internet connects so many more people...but do we get a sense that the new social norm is just being lazy? I'm not talking about the teenager, "I'll do my homework last minute/later/never," kind of mentality, I'm talking about people of all ages just...showing a general sense of not giving a flying...meh, never mind.

Sure we can blame everything from the technology we use to the bad economy, to the evolution of man, but lazy seems to be a thing, and it seems, for the most part, to be ignored by the general public. Possibly because no one can produce an ounce of caring? I'm so lazy in fact, that I may not even edit this post, and isn't that sad? Now, as you can see, I'm not going to sit here and say, I'm not lazy. I'm one lazy monkey fighter, as is evident in the fact that I often find myself futzing around the internet instead of doing what needs to be done. It's kind of sad, but it's true. Sure I get things done, and sure I accomplish stuff, but all in all, I could have done it sooner, better, and with more effort. I know this, but I'm not sure other people know when they're being lazy. I think, it's because it's a norm.

Okay, that's harsh, because I don't think people are really LAZY. Sure there are lazy people out there, but like, the reason why people don't fix their own cars isn't because they're indolent, but because they'd rather take it to an expert and not totally screw up their car. Yet, effort and hard work/smart work (I know they can be two different things), seems to be passe. Instead, we look for that quick buck, that easy fix, and that simple solution. Is it human nature? I feel horrible when I do that stuff, yet not bad enough not to keep being dilatory. I don't change my ways just because I feel like crap for being a bum. Should we even feel that way? Are we entitled?

A case in point is work. I feel like I'm doing the best I can, and I have my limitations, but apparently I could do better. Could I? Maybe, but I'm unsure how. I've utilized advice, I've tried to work faster, or I try to be more diligent, and what happens? I get incrimentally better. I feel like a dullard. Is that just a side effect of any job? Maybe I'm just not cut out for what I'm doing, but don't people have limits? Is part of being a human is to have those flaws that keep us from doing one thing, but helps us excel in another?

So why do I beat myself up for being lazy? Because I think I'm lazy. It's not like those other people who just go above and beyond the call of duty, hitting the pavement and excelling in life and the reason why they're just sitting there is to mentally and physically recover. I don't do ANYTHING that exhaustive. And I notice...most people don't either, and they're not kicking themselves. People go on Facebook or Twitter and advertise the fact that they're bored or doing nothing or just playing a game for hours on end. So there's obviously a difference between loafing and relaxing. Yet, how are so many people such overachievers and accomplishment...ers...?

Moti-freakin'-vation. Err, motivation. What motivates you to do what you do? Money? Power? Women? Why aren't people just cooking meth like in Breaking Bad, other than it being illegal and wrong? Sure it's complicated, but its less effort, a lot of gain, and no taxes. And no, I'm not encouraging people to cook meth and sell it, because that would be BAD of me, and it would be heart BREAKING if people took that advice, and you shouldn't even do it once. Not even once. Nonetheless, I think our entertaininment should really highlight how hard work really is. I think of a show like "The King of Queens", where the main character works for a parcel delivery service. Okay, now, I'm not saying those guys don't make a lot of money, but do they really make enough to live in that giant home? Hmm, maybe it does. Anyway, I still think that's unrealistic. Even in the show "Friends", yes I watched that show, the out of work actor was able to live in the city in a nice apartment. Where's the hard work?

I don't know if I have the right idea going here with laziness. Life is hard already, and laziness is like our everyday vacation from the harsh realities. It's considered funny, common, and a part of every day life. Maybe I'm confusing laziness with apathy. I don't know. But I get lazy, I prefer to socialize, I prefer to look up content for the podcasts, and I prefer to read things that kind of, sort of, educate me. I want to veg out every once in awhile and watch my shows and listen to my podcasts, and just...yeah. I'm lazy.