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This week it's all about the sex, well, almost. We first answer an e-mail talking about marriage from the last episode. Here it is in it's entirety:

Hello, Dani, Dave, and that other guy (Francis),
I just found your podcast and listened to the last episode, so I might not have a full grasp on your personal views on the subjects, but some of the things you said kind of struck a minor (dis)cord with me.  I find it a little depressing that a podcast called "Geek Love Radio" has a shaky grasp on long term relationships.
To start, I am married and have been married for 5 years.  My parents have been married for 28 years and counting.  One set of grandparents is still married and the other, my Granny is a widow and has been for about 8 years.  I have a lot of experience with marriages that haven't ended in divorce and show no sign of ending either.  The divorce statistics are a little skewed (in America at least).  While my mother may have divorced her first husband, he (her ex husband) has been divorced 3 times.  My father and aunt have both only been married once and never divorced, but my uncle (my father's brother) has been married 3 times and the only reason he hasn't been divorced 3 times is because he is too cheap to pay for the divorce.  All of the women he married have also been divorced multiple times.  I think you might get the point of what I am getting to here.  Most divorcees do not stop at one divorce.  They typically divorce multiple times, which I feel bloats the statistics a little much. 
That being said I also have a problem with Dave's definition of "content".  I am content in my marriage.  That is not to say I am bored, and content is not the antithesis of happy.  It is actually just a more mild form of happiness.  It is the difference between the comfortable buzz you get when you start drinking and the drunk that leaves you stumbling and convinced that you can drive yourself home.  You will not always feel elation in your marriage. No one can maintain the initial romantic high forever.  Marriage has a greater purpose than just making you feel the happy butterflies in your tummy all the time.  I might be a little old fashioned and maybe a little too traditional for you three, but I feel that marriage is ultimately a pact between two adults to have and raise children.  There is a security in marriage (at least for people that take it seriously).  The man and woman promise to stay together through thick and thin in order to give their children as stable and healthy a home as possible and help them become productive and prosperous members of society.  I also want grandchildren to spoil one day.  I have a biological and natural desire to have children.  I already have one and I want at least one more.  I married my husband not just because we had an emotional and intellectual connection, but also because we had similar desires.  We wanted a stable family and children.  We were both willing to work at making a marriage last and keep it viable.  I intend to spend my twilight years with him, not alone with nothing but bitterness to keep me company.
We don't always smile.  Some days we want to just be alone and away from each other, but in the end we work at being happy with each other.  Marriage is work.  It isn't always a fairy tale.  You won't go 50+ years without a fight.  You will disagree.  Sometimes we get onto each other for our bad behavior.  You'll fight about money, the kids, the dogs, and your in-laws.  If you don't watch yourself and pay attention, you can get complacent.  It is up to both of you to make sure that it doesn't happen.
I might have gone off on a bit of a tangent, but I just get a little frustrated when people disrespect marriage and have no understanding of what it is like to be in such a long term relationship with another person.
I hope you all find your contentment,

Also, another anonymous caller gives us the catalyst for our conversation of the show with a question about virginity.

And from that moment on it's about sex in as many shapes and forms as we can fit into an episode without making it seven hours long.

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