Just An Observation: But Women HATE Women! N'est-ce pas?

No matter how many different ways I cut it, the math seems to produce same results. 1+1 = HATE It's the reason why reality TV is popular, why small claims court gets a television audience, and why people don't mind gathering around for a cat fight, but there are women out there, that for some reason, don't get along with other women. And you can tell me that this is how it's always been like, that I must be new here, etc, but really...I'd like some clarification on this. It's the female equivalent of a pissing match, the only difference is, men normally don't do that unless they're provoked. Women on the other hand, especially strong willed women, just don't seem to like other strongly opinioned women. I know ladies who get a long, and hell, Sex in the City could not have survived as a successful TV show, and half assed movie franchise, if females hated females. Yet, for the sake of this post, and the fact that I think these kind of women outnumber the one's that get along, it seems that there's no way around it. If you're a girl with an idea, there will be a girl around the corner to hate you and it. Ladies out there, if you can help clarify things for me, I'd appreciate it.

I seem to associate myself with very strong, and strongly opinionated women. Either that or the timid woman are few and far between. Maybe this is just something I've been naive about, which I would not be surprised. But I've been trying to reason out why I know so few women who actually get along with each other, and mind you, the majority of my friends are women. Is there this unwritten rule that at least two females must be in some kind of unspoken competition? How can women inherit the earth if they're constantly at each other's throats? And I mean, ladies are ruthless, at least the way our lovely tv shows and movies seem to present them. I've also been witness to ways women can get back at each other, with the brutal backstabbing and manipulation so, yeah, the media seems to have it right. I know it sounds like I'm generalizing, and yes I know there are plenty out there who don't fit this category of vicious women, but...apparently I seem to befriend the more...angry(?) ones. And mind you, I find that these ladies are often lovely and intelligent people. They are fantastic, but I wouldn't lock them all in a room with a stick, because I doubt even the room would survive.

What really brought this to light was the way people have responded with the female hosts of Geek Love Radio. More often than not, the men don't seem to mind the girl cohost. As a matter of fact, I think gentlemen get smitten by these ladies, so there's no room for hate. But, when the other gender happens to listen to any of the women, past and present, and they say something that doesn't fit into the reality of the listener, the lady listener fosters a dislike for the cohost, and end up stop listening to the show. Which plainly, sucks. The reason why that person is cohosting the show is because they have a strong and relevant point of view on relationships. Someone will rub everyone the wrong way. I'm pretty sure I've pissed off people a time or two, no matter how hard I try to be a neutral kind of guy. 

So here is my problem. Ideally I would like my future girlfriend to get along with all of my female friends. I spend time with these people and they are a part of my life, and I would hate for it to cause a sort of rift. Alas, it is a fact of life, and you can't like everyone. But should it ever get to the kind of hate that I explained above between people I actually care about, and one of them happens to be a girlfriend, it'd just be like a bad movie and that would be no good. Why can't everyone just...be cor

Keep in mind, this is all observation, but it happens enough to where I'm beginning to think it's the rule of life in general. Some women just won't get along with other women. There's always going to be competition, rivalry, and animosity. What does'nt make sense to me is that I'm not talking competition for affection, or attention, or popularity, but I THINK, that women, for the most part, are constantly one upping the other for nothing more than for the sake of being better than the other person. That's why there's so much belittling, and venom, and hair pulling. It's some unwritten rule that should two dominant women ever know of each other, there is automatic war. I don't understand why guys aren't like this. Men are competitive as well. They can hate just as much as the next girl, so why aren't the guys slinging poison at one another? Is it that elusive bro-code? Do men just not care enough to dislike one another over an idea? I'm a guy, and I don't even know. I just know that if I meet another guy who's strongly opinionated, I'm not automatically hating the guy. It's probably that whole socially acceptable thing, thing.

Ladies, if you're reading this, please let me know what's up with that? I mean, I can understand you not liking another person because their personality sucks, or they're a bitch, or whatnot, but why the hate? Is hate even too strong of a word, because I notice that people do hate. It happens all around me, to any woman with a strong personality. Is that threatening? Please ladies, share with me your thoughts on this, because I'd like to know.