Geek Love Radio Ep. 98: Love part 2/2 - Love Hard With A Vengeance!

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This week, Dani the Universe, Dave the Drummer, and Francis the Other Guy somehow get back to the topic of Love once again. But first, we try to answer the questions of one listener, Ivan, who asks about whether you should let the person you're interested know you're a Brony, and if we here on GLR have a list of what makes us datable?

From there, Francis unwittingly talks about the kinds of feelings that go through people in love, and we begin once again into our journey with love. It's got experiences, anecdotes, and lessons all surrounding that four letter word. So check it out today as we count down to our 100th episode, where...we'll think of something. If there's one thing you can rely on GLR, is that we have no idea what we're doing, but we do know something about love, sex and relationships.

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