And Now For Something Completely Random

I wrote in my notes about throwing glitter everywhere. There was some point in time where I thought that it was actually a good idea to throw glitter all over the place. Just randomly tossing it left and right and then moving on. I don't know if I thought it would be funny or if it would be entertaining or if I was on some kind of drug or hallucinogen, but I did write about it. So what does this have to do with anything? Not much other than, I think people should do it. Carry some glitter in your pocket, and make it a pain in the ass for someone to have to clean it up after you. The scenario goes a little like this. Have a conversation with someone on a busy sidewalk, and as people pass by, just turn quickly, throw the glitter in the air and say, "Magic." From there, you return to the conversation and you can continue as normal. Now, this is just a suggestion, not a recommendation. So if shit goes down, not our fault!

I often have a debate with people on what's better, cake or pie. I don't know why these are the only two desserts competing with each other, but apparently it is. Now, both go great with ice cream, and a little whipped cream, but that's where the similarities end. All I know is, is that they are both delicious and come in various flavors, so really its all about the texture. What do you like the feel of more? Soft, moist cake or the flaky, crustiness of the pie and the savoriness of whatever fruit or veggie that happens to be inside it? Also, cake is always cake, but pie is anything with a crust and can have meats and other juicy morsels in it. So in the end, what wins? The sponginess of cake or the diversity of pie? However you choose, you win in deliciousness.

Random conversations are easy to come about, but really, you can only talk to anyone you want when you're good looking. If you're dopey or fat and you try to engage a stranger in a conversation, you will just be the annoying guy or girl that the person has to tolerate. Now, this is not ALWAYS the case, but I think it's easier if you're fit and handsome/pretty. People will always talk to the pretty girl and more or less, the handsome guy. Until they find out you're a bitch or a douche bag, and then they regret the whole thing all together. So does that mean you should not talk to strangers, because you're not good looking? Of course not. Be interesting, charming, and you'll be fine. It'll be off putting at first, but when you're winning personality shines through, it will be smooth sailing. Take it from someone who has done it and more recently, seen it happen. Just don't look like an ass. I'm watching two good looking people, who have had no connection two seconds ago, just have the most smiley conversation ever. I'm not listening to what's being said, because I'm listening to a podcast, but it seemed like a smooth transition from minding their own business to, hey, you're hot, I'm hot, let's talk. They sure had it easy.

I don't follow politics, really. But lately, I've been noticing myself listening to State of the Union addresses and Presidential Debates, and really...not paying attention, but I did notice one thing. President Obama has a stilted way of speaking if there isn't a prepared speech. It has nothing to do with his views and policies, it's just weird that when Romney spoke, it was easy to ignore. His easy flow of speech, and his almost melodic way of speaking, made it so easy to just play with my phone while the debate played in the background on Youtube. Then, the President spoke, and my ears would perk up. The stop and go way of speaking made me actually listen and pay attention and I remember more of what the President said than the Governor. Has nothing to do with who's better or worse, but it was just weird that an imperfect way of speaking was more memorable than a guy with the silver tongue. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Furries are interesting folk. I met my first one the other week at a meet up. He had some difficulty socializing, but he did confirm some interesting things about that community. There are a lot of males, and that these guys have a tendency to be gay and bisexual. Of course, there are a few straight folks there, both male and female, but apparently they are the minority. It seems that nerds, whether they are Furries or Bronies or just Geeks, they all suffer from the same kind of syndrome when it comes ot meeting someone new and trying to connect with them. These people spill their guts and lay it on thick and as a result, scare people away. Not all the time, but it seems like the socially awkward are so desperate for some love or some romance or some connection that they will sabotage their attempts. Don't give it all up in one go! Let people have time to learn about you, learn who you are and work from there. Either way, that's a rough life to live, but it does happen, and really, there is only one solution. Start talking about THEM. Less about you, more about them. It'll do wonders.

It's been a couple weeks since I started back in to the World of Warcraft, and my first few days were rough. I had to re-learn everything and play with all of my characters a bit to get used to their way of play. I have to admit, I was kind of getting frustrated with it. Then, I just stopped, tookn a step back and began to play the game without trying to force myself to learn anything. I just let the game guide me, and it all slowly made sense again. I am following the path, working my way up from level one and well, I'm loving it. I enjoy the idea of accomplishing quests and leveling and gaining new items and weapons and just making my character awesome. Unfortunately, I have TOO many characters. I wish there was some way to merge some of them, and give them the experience and all that, or at least split the's tough to explain, but I just know, it's cool to be back in Azeroth again, and managing all my fun little people. And luckily, not obsessed.

Wow, that was a lot of random stuff. It's like some weird Spring cleaning and it's AUTUMN! My brain works like this, and my thoughts fly all over the place, and sometimes I just need to spill it out on the blog. I used to do this more often, but really, there's not enough time for everything. I need more time for everything. It's also hard to keep my brain on a single path, but it feels good to get all these thoughts out. This is only a fraction of what my mind goes through, so maybe I'll do this again. Any thoughts on any the subjects above? Do you ever feel this avalanche of thought bombard you every once in awhile? Share in the comments below.