Geek Love Radio Ep. 103

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This week on Geek Love Radio we have a guest host filling in for Dave the Drummer, who unfortunately had internet problems, judging that there is only one router there in Ireland, which unfortunately doesn't help. Either way, we have J, short for Jay as our quest this week with Dani the Universe and Francis the Other guy. And this week is fun times as we talk about:

Whether or not your significant other should be your best friend. 

Teen Sex Study Links Age At First Sexual Experience To Romantic Relationships In Adulthood

Impressions, Wotwentwrong App, Lets Strangers Try To Solve Your Relationship Woes

The three of us have to agree to disagree on this one: 10 ways to take control of your saturday night alone

Geek Love TIP of the Week is something Dani the Universe has been kind of saying this entire time: 

Science reveals the power of a handshake

Its all that and so much more, this week on GLR!


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