Geek Love Radio Ep. 102

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This week it's Dani the Universe, Dave the Drummer and Francis the Other Guy, together again where we talk all things love, sex, and relationships from a geek's perspective. Dave brings up the subject of the dowry where Hong Kong dad pays a man to make his lesbian daughter straight. We also talk about our first love and how Facebook may be ruining relationships. And we even discuss the rather messy subject of anal. It's all that and much more, this week on GLR.

Don't forget our little contest going on until December where we look for a new catch phrase. Can you do better than "Love, Sex, and Relationships from a Geek's Perspective"? Here's one entry we have now. - GLR... Because, really, you didn't have plans tonight. If you're interested, you get a "date" with myself or Dani where you get to hang out with us and pick our brains or well, hang out in person or online. Either way, if you're interested, turn in an entry today to

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